Sustain. The Solution COMPLETE, TURN-KEY Sustainability FOR farm MANURE MANAGEMENT Protect. The Goal Today's environment for tomorrow's generation Thrive. The Benefit Prosperity and sustainability working together

CLARA™ from Figure 8 Environmental, is the Complete, Turn-Key Sustainability System for Dairy Nutrient, Water and Manure Management.

CLARA™ provides dairies with essential sustainability services, products and results. Manure Dewatering & Separation. Nutrient Management. Drip-Ready Processed Flush Water. Greenhouse Gas Reduction. Improved Animal Health. And New Revenue Streams.

Nutrient management, greenhouse gas reduction and water conservation are giving dairy producers headaches and having a negative impact on the bottom line. The CLARA™ Dairy Manure, Water and Nutrient Management Sustainability System from Figure 8 Environmental is here to provide you with relief. Turn your pain into profit, in real time. Reduce your carbon footprint. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Irrigate your crops with clog-free flush water. Increase your herd size by reducing nutrient loading on crops. Eliminate separation pits & lagoons. And most importantly, improve animal health with quality bedding and clean, recycled flush water.


Climate Neutrality
Carbon Footprint Reduction
Nutrient Paradigm Shift
Lagoon-less Manure Treatment
Improved Herd Health


New Revenue Streams
Lower Transportation Costs
Lower Natural Fertilizer Costs
Profitable Carbon Credits
Remote Digital Monitoring


Highly Filtered Wastewater
Improved Water Reuse
Flush System Modernization
Alternative Fertilizer Options
24/7 Continuous Operation


Question: Does CLARA flush water and digestate?
Answer: Yes! CLARA is the perfect addition to flush water and biogas digesters for manure dewatering and more.

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Question: Can CLARA help manage your dairy’s nutrient levels?
Answer: Yes! CLARA is a great way to manage nutrient levels. And there’s proof.

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Paradigm Shift

Question: What is the Sustainability Paradigm Shift?
Answer: Dairies are changing the way they think about sustainability. Keep up with the trends.

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Soil Structure Preservation, Manure Management, Wastewater Control, Water Clarification and Reuse, Sludge Dewatering, Waste Recovery and Repurposing.

For Agriculture, Livestock, Food Processing, Industry and Municipalities.

There’s gold in that sludge. In those mountains of manure. In those millions of gallons of muddy, dirty agricultural and industrial waste. Sure, it takes a lot of work and investment. It’s something that needs to be done. And now, you can actually profit from your good deeds.

See a video of CLARA™, our manure separation and nutrient management system in action. Click here.

Click here to see how CLARA can help you reduce SALTS and NITRATES in your dairy’s ground water. Make your dairy compliant with the new California regulations.

SMART™ is the (Sustainable Management Of Agricultural Resource Technologies™) is part of a new wave to connectivity technologies that enable a dairy farm to collect and management the vast amount of data that systems like CLARA™ are producing. Figure 8 Environmental is proud to supply the “brains” that controls and connects new sustainability systems to dairy owners, managers and partners.

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Soil Structure Preservation, Manure Management, Wastewater Control, Water Clarification and Reuse, Sludge Dewatering, Waste Recovery and Repurposing for Agriculture, Livestock, Food Processing, Industry and Municipalities.

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Find out more about solutions for your challenges.


Turn Manure and Waste into a Profit Center


Save Millions of Gallons of Water


Boost Your Yield Per Acre, Make More And Save More


Get Greener With Your Crops and Cash


Sludge isn't a Waste. It's a Profit Center


Where Clean Water Improves Your Bottom Line


Turn Your Waste Into Profitable Byproducts


Help You and Your Neighbors Go Organic


Turn Off The Fines. Turn On Clean, Profit Generating Water