Water Treatment For Fruit and Vegetable Processing Facilities

DROPOUT™ - A Family of Waste and Water Management Products For Food Processors

Does your facility produce process water that you would like to clarify before you pipe away for irrigation? Do you have flume water that you want to recycle?

Figure 8 Environmental offers a hands-on approach for clarification of flume water and processing water used to rinse or move vegetables and fruits.

Figure 8 Environmental can design systems to help you reuse that water or treat it so it can be used for irrigation. We can design systems to help you condense your byproducts to improve ease of handling.

Services That Figure 8 Environmental Provides:

Onsite Consultation

Injection Equipment

Maintenance Services

Our DROPOUT line of products are manufactured with stringent purity specifications which have received affirmation as General Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by experts for their intended use for water clarification. DROPOUT is designed to reduce TSS loading, odors, COD, BOD, nitrates, and other constituents. This water can now be recycled back through your facility or used for irrigation.