Industry And Landfill

Waste and Sludge Management For Industry and Landfills

Industrial and commercial facilities present their own unique challenges, and can benefit from the techniques and systems developed by Figure 8 Environmental. By changing your approach to sludge management, your operation can capitalize on new avenues of cost reduction and profit centers that can provide a positive impact to your bottom line.

Figure 8 Environmental can provide your industrial operation with sludge management services that range from complete turnkey processes to specific services that are targeted for your specific needs.

With Figure 8 Environmental on your team, you can benefit from:

Efficient sludge consolidation and processing that reduces your waste costs

Elimination of water pollution fines from Federal and local agencies

Water conservation, recycling and reuse

Substantial cost saving in labor, time and the transport of sludge to its final disposal area

Offset of sludge management costs by reuse and reselling of waste byproducts

Our team can effectively analyze, design, implement and maintain your entire sludge processing system,
or provide a customized solution for a single segment of your operation.