Sustainability Paradigm Shift

Sustainability Paradigm Shift

Question: What is the Sustainability Paradigm Shift?

Answer: Dairies are changing the way they think about sustainability. Keep up with the trends.

Water is getting scarce, synthetic fertilizers are getting expensive, manure management more costly, types of crops grown more critical, manure solids in higher demand for the renewable energy field.


In times gone by, farm fields could be flood irrigated with all the flush water your dairy had to offer. Because of our prolonged drought conditions and new regulations on pumping groundwater, it is time for you to come up with a game plan that is going to allow you to continue your business and pass it onto the next generation.

The CLARA™ Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System can help you immediately convert your fields from flood irrigation to drip systems.


Synthetic fertilizers costs are on the rise making manure a more viable option for use by farmers. CLARA can help you process manure solids immediately and effectively so it can sold to off-site farms.


Regulators are cracking down on methane generation and manure is harder and harder to utilize on your fields while it also limits your herd size. CLARA can quickly tackle the manure management issue cutting costs of management and removing nutrients from your irrigation water which will allow you to have more cows on your operation


High value nut and fruit crops require less water and bring in higher profits allowing you to purchase your feed from off-site producers while utilizing your own land to reap greater rewards. CLARA can help you convert your fields from flood to drip irrigation.


Manure solids are in high demand. The solids produced on your dairy can be quickly separated by the CLARA system which can then be transported to off-site community digesters.