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CDFA SWEEP dairy irrigation program - applications due January 18 2022

Dairy Irrigation SWEEP Grants – 200K & More – Apply By Jan. 18th

Dairy Irrigation CDFA SWEEP Grants – 200K & More – Apply By Jan. 18th With the current drought conditions, there is significant attention being given to how your dairy can conserve water. If you’ve got a flush system, it’s getting even harder to meet state requirements and still be profitable. Why not improve nutrient management…

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dairy cow pokes head through window of sleeping farmer

Dairies Can Profit From Carbon Credits

Dairy Manure And Carbon Credits… Or Making Money While You Sleep Yes. You heard right. Today, we’re going to tell you about a great untapped profit source. It’s a little complicated, but fortunately, we can not only explain it, we can install it in your dairy. Yes, You Can Definitely Make Money From Your Dairy…

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Overloaded salt and nitrates in a dairy lagoon

New Salt and Nitrate Regulations For California Dairies

Dairies In Priority 1 Groundwater Basin Must Comply Immediately While greenhouse gas reduction may not be your greatest concern, recently adopted new regulations by the California State Water Board under the Central Valley Salt and Nitrate Control Program to control salt and nitrate impacts should be. If your dairy is located in the Priority 1…

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Get More Moola With An Early Jump On Your AMMP Grant

How To Win Your 2020 AMMP Grant For Your Dairy

Start Your Application Early. There Is Less Grant Money Available This Year. And Less Time. You’ve heard about the AMMP grants. And how California dairies have been winning millions of dollars for environmental improvements. It’s a great program, but won’t last forever. In fact, the AMMP grants will be less this year than previous ones.…

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Dairy Summit in Sacramento

Figure 8 To Exhibit At Dairy Summit in Sacramento

Figure 8 To Exhibit At Dairy Summit in Sacramento, November 27th to 28th Upgrade Your Dairy’s Manure Management System With An AMMP Grant Figure 8 would like to invite you to stop by our booth at the Summit so we may introduce our Nutrient Management Flush Water Management System that will help you stay in…

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AMMP Grants For 2019

AMMP Grants Coming Back For 2019

If You Missed The AMMP Grants in 2018, Don’t Worry. We’ll Help You Submit Your AMMP Application for 2019. This California program provides financial assistance for dairies who are looking to improve their manure management practices. Last year, 58 dairies were awarded over $33 million dollars to engineer and install state-of-the-art manure digesters that reduce…

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New California Dairy Water Quality Requirements

California Is Tightening Up The Regulations. Again.

Water Quality Regulations For CA Dairies Tightens Up Central Valley Water Quality Control Board Adopts New General Order For California Dairies Central Valley Water Quality Control Board (RB5) adopted a General Order for Confined Bovine Feeding Operations (R5- 2017-0058). Waste Discharge Requirements General Order For Confined Bovine Feeding Operations Click below to download a form…

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Case Study: Installation at Robinway Dairy

Robinway Dairy in Kiel Wisconsin Water Quality So Good Your Can Drink It Dairy Overview: 1700 cows + 350 steers A flush dairy and their nutrient recovery/flush water management system that utilizes our LWR system Dairy processes 80,000 gals/day of flush water producing 20 tons/day of manure cake This video provides a live tour of…

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Spring Flowers and AMMP Grant Due Date May 22 2018

The CA AMMP Grant Proposal is Due May 23

Figure 8 Can Help You With Making Your Grant Application For This “No-Match” Grant From the CDFA Time is Running Short May 22nd is just around the corner. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to address your dairy’s methane capture challenges. Let Figure 8 Help You Fill Out The Application Figure 8 Environmental helps…

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