Livestock and Poultry Farms

Sludge and Waste Management For Livestock and Poultry Farms

Livestock and poultry farms have been treating sludge with antiquated processes that literally wash profits down the drain. The vicious cycle of sludge disposal is turned into a profit generating opportunity with the Figure 8 process. Instead of looking at sludge as a necessary evil, we take a unique, environmentally friendly and profit generating approach. Here’s how:

Elimination of Manure Piles

Fast and Effective Effluent Solidification of Your Farm Waste

We Purchase and Remove Solidified Waste From Your Farm Allowing You To Do What You Do Best – Farm

Digesters for Energy Production

Whether you choose to engage Figure 8 Environmental on a complete, turnkey scale or a more target solution for specific problem areas, your farm bottom line will enjoy substantial escalations in profitability.

Figure 8 Environmental can provide your operation with management services that range from complete turnkey processes to specific services that are targeted for your specific needs.



See a video of our nutrient recovery/flush water management system in action. Click here.