Lagoons and Separation Pits Drain A Dairy’s Profits

Using Lagoons and Separation Pits Are A Drain On Your Dairy’s Profit Margin

And Your Dairy’s Environmental Footprint Too

Are you tired of lagoons and separation pits draining your profits? Would you like to irrigate your fields when your crops need it and not when your lagoons are full?

Lagoons and separation pits are costly to maintain, require a large land footprint, are odorous, and most importantly ineffective. What about the methane they emit?

The CLARA™ Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System, by Figure 8 Environmental,  removes manure solids immediately from flush water, allowing you the ability to recycle it back through your flush system or send it onto irrigation. The system also efficiently processes manure solids eliminating the costly expense of having manually clean out pits and lagoons.

Now is the time to clean up our dairy’s balance sheet, and your environmental footprint as well.