How To Win Your 2020 AMMP Grant For Your Dairy
Get More Moola With An Early Jump On Your AMMP Grant

How To Win Your 2020 AMMP Grant For Your Dairy

Start Your Application Early. There Is Less Grant Money Available This Year. And Less Time.

You’ve heard about the AMMP grants. And how California dairies have been winning millions of dollars for environmental improvements. It’s a great program, but won’t last forever. In fact, the AMMP grants will be less this year than previous ones.

Dairies that start their grant applications now will stand a better chance of winning.

Start Your Application Right away. Call Us At 661 381 6980. We can help.

Get working on your AMMP grant application today! The team at Figure 8 Environmental is ready to help a select group of California dairies to win AMMP grants. It’s not easy if you don’t know how. It’s super easy if you call us to help. We still have a few slots available. Don’t delay.

Win, Win and Win Some More:

There are so many ways to win with a free AMMP grant from the State of California.

Here are just a few:

Win #1 – Get AMMP Grant Application Help (From Figure 8 Environmental)

You’ll need a tight plan that says the right things. We’ve done it before. We can do it for you.

Win #2 –Keep Your Flush System And Make It Better – Best Of All, The State Will Pay For It

A lot of people will tell you to retire your flush system and go with scraping. We’ve got a better way with CLARA – our state of the art dairy manure and water clarification system.

Win #3 – Get Rid Of Those Terrible Separator Pits & Lagoons Without Switching to Scraping

CLARA can process your flush waste at a real time pace. That means no separators, no lagoons. No methane. No fines. And more high-quality nutrient solids and recycled water.

Win #4 – Manage Your Nutrient Problems

Over saturating your dairy’s soil with excess Nitrogen can be a thing of the past with Figure 8’s CLARA.

Win #5 – Get More Cows Per Acre

Less Nitrogen in irrigation water. Improved nutrient management. The State of California loves that. And you can get more cows per acre.

Win #6 – Turn Your Manure Problem Into A Manure Profit Center

CLARA produces high quality nutrient solids compared to standard compost. And lots of it. Use it on your own farm or sell it to your neighbors at a premium price.

Win #7 – Get a Handle On Your Water Conservation Problem

CLARA clarifies your dirty flush water fast. You will be able to reuse it instantly in your flush system or for irrigation… even in your pivot or drip irrigation systems. Irrigate more acres with the same amount of water.

Win #8 – Get Rid Of Your Methane/Odor Problems

Figure 8’s CLARA eliminates the biggest sources of methane pollution (AND ODOR) on your dairy… large separation pits and lagoons.  Get the public and inspectors off your back.

Win #9 – Let Someone Else Do The Heavy Lifting – Like Us

That’s where we come in. Your Figure 8 team. We can engineer it. Write up the grant proposal. Build it. Run it. All or part of it. Your choice. Whatever works best for you.

Sounds like a lot of wining. You bet. More than we can talk about in an email.

Click here to set up an appointment with Figure 8 and get your application started right away. Let us show you how to be an AMMP Winner.

We are only taking on a few new clients this year. Give us a call so you don’t miss out on this important opportunity for your dairy.

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