Dairy Irrigation SWEEP Grants – 200K & More – Apply By Jan. 18th
CDFA SWEEP dairy irrigation program - applications due January 18 2022

Dairy Irrigation SWEEP Grants – 200K & More – Apply By Jan. 18th

Dairy Irrigation CDFA SWEEP Grants – 200K & More – Apply By Jan. 18th

With the current drought conditions, there is significant attention being given to how your dairy can conserve water. If you’ve got a flush system, it’s getting even harder to meet state requirements and still be profitable. Why not improve nutrient management and install drip irrigation on your fields by getting a $200,000.00 SWEEP grant from the CDFA?

And, if you are a So Cal Edison customer, additional rebates for our systems are also available.

Here’s How, With Irrigation Water As Clean As You Want It – 24/7

It’s like putting your flush system on turbo. Besides controlling nutrients, managing manure, saving water, and improving profitability, you’ve also got the opportunity to get rid of those messy, high-visibility environmental eyesores – manure lagoons. Use this CDFA SWEEP grant money to rev up your farm’s manure and water management capabilities with the CLARA Complete Manure Management System. Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CLARA by Figure 8 Environmental Is Perfect For Drip Irrigation, And More

CLARA can process flush water immediately removing solids and nitrogen to give you any level of water filtration, even non-clogging water for drip irrigation systems. This means you can more closely manage the nutrients you apply on your fields and conserve water at the same time.

And, you get to keep your current flush system.

CLARA Gives You A Lot More For The Money

That $200,000.00 is for improving your dairy’s water usage. And by making CLARA the backbone of your manure processing system, you get significantly more for the money.

  • CLARA quickly captures, processes, and condenses nutrient solids for onsite use or offsite transport, while producing clean reusable water for flushing or drip irrigation.
  • CLARA optimizes manure separation, manure handling, water clarification, and nutrient management.
  • CLARA is designed to add more to your bottom-line profits, with healthier, more productive crops and herds.
  • CLARA helps to efficiently manage levels of nitrates, salts, phosphorus, greenhouse gas emissions and metals.
  • CLARA eliminates the need for settling pits and lagoons.

Team up with Figure 8 Environmental to take your dairy to the next level.

CLARA Qualifies For The CDFA SWEEP Grants –
Apply Before
January 18th, 2022

 The CDFA SWEEP grants can help pay for your Figure 8 Environmental CLARA system. Take advantage of this attractive grant opportunity and get ahead of the game.

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