Clean Water, Any Way You Want It

Clean Irrigation Water For Your California Dairy, Any Way You Want It

Are you wasting water because you need to flood irrigate with dirty nutrient overloaded flush water?

Water is getting expensive and scarce. High value crops such as almonds and pistachios are more profitable than water thirsty alfalfa and corn. Why utilize your land to grow low profit crops?

The CLARA Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System removes manure solids from flush water preparing it immediately for use in drip and pivot irrigation. The efficient removal process also minimizes the filtration system needed and controls nutrients minimizing the need to mix the processed water with fresh water. Rather than fallow your fields, reduce your irrigation water needs.

In a few years, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) regulations are going to dictate how much water you can apply to your fields. Be ready with the CLARA Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System as it will allow you to quickly recycle flush water and use less fresh water for irrigation mixing of your flush water. You wont need to flood irrigate either.

Don’t fallow your fields and plant more profitable crops instead.