CLARA™ Water, Nutrient and Manure Management For Dairy Sustainability

The tools of yesterday don’t comply with today’s air and groundwater quality standards.

CLARA™ - Precision Farming System: Water, Nutrient and Manure Management For Dairy Sustainability

Manure management for dairy farms presents one of the most exciting opportunities available today. Why? Because so much of the dairy’s potential profit flows away or is hauled off the facility without properly recovering lucrative nutrients or reusing easily recyclable wastewater.

Leaving manure management in the antiquated treatment methods of yesterday is dangerous while at the same time wasteful for the financial health of your dairy. There is gold in that sludge. And harvesting it could significantly improve the bottom line of your dairy while removing pollutants that are monitored by government agencies.

CLARA Manure, Separation and Nutrient Management System For DairiesWater is an essential part of your operation. And it presents many challenges, as well as opportunities. By implementing a solution for your water issues, you not only address nutrient recovery, but a variety of factors on your dairy.

Figure 8 Environment connects all of these issues and creates a complete ecosystem for profitability. Here’s what we can provide:

Immediate Large Particle Bedding Recovery

Reduction in Phosphorus, Salt and Nitrogen Loading in Flush Water Irrigation

Quick Flush Clarification, Reuse and Avoidance of Fines

Nutrient Extraction and Recovery

Energy Production

Purchasing of Byproducts From Dairies for Additional Income

CLARA Brochure by Figure 8 Environmental

Download The Figure 8 CLARA Dairy Brochure