Greenhouse Gas Reduction
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Dairies Can Profit From Carbon Credits

Dairy Manure And Carbon Credits…
Or Making Money While You Sleep

Yes. You heard right. Today, we’re going to tell you about a great untapped profit source. It’s a little complicated, but fortunately, we can not only explain it, we can install it in your dairy.

Yes, You Can Definitely Make Money From Your Dairy Manure Data:

Every day. Every minute. Even while you sleep. Your dairy makes, collects and processes a very valuable product. Manure. And we all know that dairies have been the asked to clean up the process. Sustainability. At first, all you see is spending money. It’s really easy to overlook potential revenue sources that can offset the equipment and management costs. But there is a magic formula.

Profit From SMART™ Dairy Manure Data

You heard it. There is PROFIT in that SMART™ data. Especially if you can prove that you are implementing sustainability measures in your manure management. The key is to capture that data and send it to the right places. You can do this by using SMART™ the brains behind CLARA™, the Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System from Figure 8 Environmental. The data is there. It’s accessible. And now you can take the next step to profit from it.

Quote From Nick Facciola, Mechanical Engineer and Carbon Offset Credit Specialist at 3Degrees, who manages a portfolio of carbon offset projects from concept to monetization.

“It’s not a whole lot of extra effort to extract the data and use it in the carbon credit marketplace. We drive the process in the background so that the dairymen can concentrate on their dairy operation, not the data monetization.”

Using Your iPhone To Make Money

Crazy right? Well, it’s real. In the manure management systems we have been implementing, we have added computer science to measure how clean your dairy’s treated flush water is. That data is captured in CLARA’S SMART™ system, just like your computer, and sent wirelessly to us. You can access it, even on an iPhone! That’s the missing link. We can use the data to turn your daily manure achievements into carbon credits.

The Great Untapped PROFIT Source – Carbon Credits!

We’ve all heard about this. It’s all about capturing that data, then selling it on the carbon credit market. There are thousands of buyers who are looking to buy carbon credits to offset their environmental footprint. From car manufacturers to soda pop companies, they all have their sustainability regulations, and they can’t always lower their carbon footprints by themselves. So they tap into the offset carbon credit market. Through CLARA’s  It’s real and it’s happening now.

Here’s How To Get It Done

There’re some upfront costs. But most of you have either have already put in manure systems or plan to. All you need to do is bring in experts like us. We can help you create a cash flow system that can deliver money from carbon credits for years. How does 21 years sound? Imagine what happens after collecting your payments for 21 years. It really adds up.

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PROFIT™ is the brains that taps into what CLARA™ does.

This latest offset carbon credit news is brought to you by Figure 8 Environmental and The CLARA™ Manure Separation and Nutrient Management System, a proven manure solid separation system designed to improve dairy farm sustainability.  PROFIT™ is the brains that taps into what CLARA does. It keeps track of your manure separation, manure handling, water clarification, and nutrient management.  It’s made promoting more bottom-line profits and healthier herds easier and more productive. CLARA utilizes LWR patented First Wave and Second Wave components to quickly capture, process and condense nutrient solids for offsite transport, while producing clean reusable water for flushing or drip irrigation. CLARA helps efficiently manage nitrates, salts, phosphorus, greenhouse gas emissions and metals. The CLARA System also eliminates the need for settling ponds and lagoons.

CLARA qualifies for grant funding and carbon credits offset income.


Get CLARA and get PROFIT™!

Overloaded salt and nitrates in a dairy lagoon

New Salt and Nitrate Regulations For California Dairies

Dairies In Priority 1 Groundwater Basin Must Comply Immediately

While greenhouse gas reduction may not be your greatest concern, recently adopted new regulations by the California State Water Board under the Central Valley Salt and Nitrate Control Program to control salt and nitrate impacts should be. If your dairy is located in the Priority 1 Groundwater Basin you will be asked to comply. This includes:

  • Chowchilla
  • Kaweah
  • Kings
  • Modesto
  • Tule
  • Turlock

If your dairy is located in Priority 2 basins found in Yolo, Merced, Kern County (west side south), Tulare Lake, Kern County (Peso), Delta Mendota, Eastern San Joaquin, and Madera, you will be asked to comply in a few years.

CLARA™ by Figure 8 Environmental Can Help You Meet The New Salt And Nitrate Regulations

While environmentalists’ attention have been focused on more effective manure management for reducing greenhouse gases, an equally important feature of our CLARA system is its ability to remove nutrients and salts from flush water used for irrigation purposes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Salt and Nitrate Control, All From One System

  • 50% nitrogen removal from flush water helping the dairy reach nutrient management requirements.
  • Reduced salt loading
  • +60% phosphorus removal from flush water
  • Ability to utilize flush water in drip or pivot irrigation
  • Eliminate the need for separation pits
  • Recycle cleaner flush water back through your flush system – +90% removal of suspended solids from flush water
  • Profit from Carbon Credits
  • Improved herd health and reduced Somatic Cell Counts with Clarified flush water
  • Reduced animal injury rates caused by slippery buildup from using dirty flush water

CLARA Solves Your Nutrient Management Issues, Improves Animal Health And You Get To Keep Your Flush System..

With all the demands placed on your dairy, it’s reassuring to know that there is one system that can do it all. That’s CLARA from Figure 8 Environmental. All in real-time and without replacing your current flush system with a more expensive scrape system.

Download Our New White Paper Showcasing The Performance of CLARA And See How It Can Make Your Dairy Ready

In the latest scientific study, you can see how CLARA can address both greenhouse gases and salt/nitrate groundwater needs from the same real-time system.

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