The CA AMMP Grant Proposal is Due May 23
Spring Flowers and AMMP Grant Due Date May 22 2018

The CA AMMP Grant Proposal is Due May 23

Figure 8 Can Help You With Making Your Grant Application For This “No-Match” Grant From the CDFA

Time is Running Short

May 22nd is just around the corner. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to address your dairy’s methane capture challenges.

Let Figure 8 Help You Fill Out The Application

Figure 8 Environmental helps California dairies with the manure and methane management. Let us help you submit your Alternative Manure Management Program grant request to pay for the cost of machinery and installation. Don’t wait.

It’s A No-Match Grant – Which Is Great News For You!

This is a “No-Match” grant, which means you don’t need to add your own funds to purchase the equipment. The deadline is coming up soon. Call us today so we can help you put together an award winning grant proposal.