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April 2020
Overloaded salt and nitrates in a dairy lagoon

New Salt and Nitrate Regulations For California Dairies

Dairies In Priority 1 Groundwater Basin Must Comply Immediately

While greenhouse gas reduction may not be your greatest concern, recently adopted new regulations by the California State Water Board under the Central Valley Salt and Nitrate Control Program to control salt and nitrate impacts should be. If your dairy is located in the Priority 1 Groundwater Basin you will be asked to comply. This includes:

  • Chowchilla
  • Kaweah
  • Kings
  • Modesto
  • Tule
  • Turlock

If your dairy is located in Priority 2 basins found in Yolo, Merced, Kern County (west side south), Tulare Lake, Kern County (Peso), Delta Mendota, Eastern San Joaquin, and Madera, you will be asked to comply in a few years.

CLARA™ by Figure 8 Environmental Can Help You Meet The New Salt And Nitrate Regulations

While environmentalists’ attention have been focused on more effective manure management for reducing greenhouse gases, an equally important feature of our CLARA system is its ability to remove nutrients and salts from flush water used for irrigation purposes.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Salt and Nitrate Control, All From One System

  • 50% nitrogen removal from flush water helping the dairy reach nutrient management requirements.
  • Reduced salt loading
  • +60% phosphorus removal from flush water
  • Ability to utilize flush water in drip or pivot irrigation
  • Eliminate the need for separation pits
  • Recycle cleaner flush water back through your flush system – +90% removal of suspended solids from flush water
  • Profit from Carbon Credits
  • Improved herd health and reduced Somatic Cell Counts with Clarified flush water
  • Reduced animal injury rates caused by slippery buildup from using dirty flush water

CLARA Solves Your Nutrient Management Issues, Improves Animal Health And You Get To Keep Your Flush System..

With all the demands placed on your dairy, it’s reassuring to know that there is one system that can do it all. That’s CLARA from Figure 8 Environmental. All in real-time and without replacing your current flush system with a more expensive scrape system.

Download Our New White Paper Showcasing The Performance of CLARA And See How It Can Make Your Dairy Ready

In the latest scientific study, you can see how CLARA can address both greenhouse gases and salt/nitrate groundwater needs from the same real-time system.

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