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October 2018
AMMP Grants For 2019

AMMP Grants Coming Back For 2019

If You Missed The AMMP Grants in 2018, Don’t Worry.

We’ll Help You Submit Your AMMP Application for 2019.

This California program provides financial assistance for dairies who are looking to improve their manure management practices. Last year, 58 dairies were awarded over $33 million dollars to engineer and install state-of-the-art manure digesters that reduce greenhouse admissions, recycle manure and water and help to reduce pollutions from wastewater runoff.

Lot’s Of Improvements By The CDFA

The CDFA is upping their game this year, with expanded guidance for the grant application process. Application workshops start in January of 2019. Grant applications are due in February of 2019.

Be Prepared, With Our Help

With Figure 8 Environmental’s help, you can not only make the application process more concise and less stressful, you can also design a manure management systems that can actually pay for itself. This is an offer too good to pass up.

Reserve Your Spot For Our Hands-On Demo

Be sure to make your reservation for a personal showing of Figure 8 Environmental’s demonstration unit. Space is limited. Call or email use today to secure you position.